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IEF Endorsement of Meetings/Symposiums/ Conferences/
Congresses/Courses in the field of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders 

Endorsement requests must be sent to IEF's Executive Secretariat at together with a PDF file of the Course' scientific program. IEF board Committee will carefully review the concepts and objectives of the course as well as the faculty, the structure and content of the course, in deciding about the endorsement.

All brochures and faculty lists must be submitted to IEF at least 1 month before your event for Hotnews or at least 3 months before for the IEF newsletter.

1. Endorsed Events will be:
a. listed on IEF Website as Hotnews
b. Mailed to all IEF Members & Asia Pacific bariatric surgeons.
c. Released by IEF newsletter.

2. The Director or president of congress should include IEF's Endorsement statement and IEF Logo on promotional brochures and course materials.