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Web meeting system
IEF members all over the world can have web meetings with this system. Not only images and voice can be transmitted but files such as charts, videos or database can also be shared in the web meeting. We plan to hold the web meeting two times a month to discuss the latest bariatric and metabolic information.

Purpose of IEF Web Meeting

Schedule of Web meeting
General meeting/ Board meeting:
    1. Every 6 months
    2. The first general meeting/board meeting will be on January, 2014.
For discussions of:
    a. Future development of IEF
    b. Schedule of IEF meeting
    c. Budget planning
    d. Development of official journals
        • Every 3 months

IEF Conference
In order to improve and promote good quality care for the patients International Excellence Federation for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery headed by Bariatric & Metabolic International (B.M.I) Surgery Center, E-Da hospital, Taiwan traditionally held a biennial forum. With the purposes of:
1. To provide a direct means for membership represented in that region/ country to participates in the activities, communicates and working relationship
2. To promote and develop quality surgeons, as well as stress on the important of the multidisciplinary team approach
3. To discuss and learning new techniques
4. To communication on current research and concepts, exchange of the latest ideas
5. To meet the pioneer and experts in the world
6. To improve the quality of care and treatment for people with obesity and related diseases
I.E.F has held the 1st Forum in 2010 with paramount results. The 2nd forum just took place in Feb 26-27 in 2012, Kaohsiung Taiwan.