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Announcement for 3rd IEF Forum 2017/04/26

Announcement for 3rd IEF Forum

IEF is a federation aiming to establish an international academic exchange platform for high quality Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery centers.

IEF has been working on connecting excellent centers and surgeons worldwide, and 68 centers have joined us.

Many new innovations and ideas are often thought up and discuss at the IEF events. We think it is a good way opportunity to gain from the experience of other doctors and to give your knowledge back to the medical community. Now we are proud to announce that the 3rd IEF forum will be held at China Medical University Hospital’s Body science & Metabolic disorders International (BMI) Medical Center in Taichung, Taiwan from 28th July to 29th July.

This year, the forum will discuss the trends of metabolic surgery, body contouring surgery and the cooperation of different specialist in treating the metabolic disease nowadays. The forum will also include the newly findings about the treatment of obesity and diabetes in medicine and psychiatry, surgery live demonstration and debate issues on the surgery.

We greatly appreciate your participation in IEF, and we are looking forward to meeting you.