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International Excellence forum in Bariatric Surgery (India Chapter) 2017/01/04

International Excellence Federation

Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus has gained the distinction of epidemic proportions and has evolved as one of the most serious public health problems in the 21st century. With the numbers, India could soon be the world captial for type 2 diabetes.
“Bariatric and metabolic surgery” has gained importance as an effective tool to combat this deadly disease. Reports from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and its umberlla organizations comprising of more than 200 national diabetes association’s from more than 160 countries, indicate that surgical intervention prevents progressive complications of diabetes, and curtails expenses incurred by the medical care system.
For this to be successful in the long term and for more successful outcomes we need established standards and working in tandem with the other medical professionals involved in the treatment of this disease. IEF aims to consolidate centers of excellence in bariatric surgery committed in patient-centered management while adhering to strict evidence-based guidelines. The International Excellence Federation (IEF) was formed to provide a resourceful network for centers to share, contribute and exchange their opinions, data and results.
With nearly 70 centers in the world and 20 centers in India currently, we are in the march towards establishing the strongest bariatric community in the world.

International Excellence Forum:
IEF-India plans to conduct regional programs in various parts of the country to spread the knowledge about the principles of bariatric surgery. With bariatric / metabolic surgery still to be a strong part of the medical/surgical curriculam, this would enable surgeons and physicians to understand and update better the role of bariatric/metabolic surgery in practice.
This will also be a platform to being the surgical and the medical community together to discuss and share ideas to provide a multi disciplinary care to handle the epidemic of metabolic syndrome.

2nd International Excellence Forum in India planned at Thrissur will be in the theme of “Bariatric Simplified” where we intend to create a deeper understanding on the subject useful to practising surgeons, diabetologists, endocrinologists, post graduates in medicine and surgery and all those involved in the management of metabolic syndrome.

We also have planned to have a 3D LIVE transmission which will make it more interesting.

Welcome you all to Thrissur!