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.Defines the quality and standard of a bariatric and metabolic surgery center.
.Established a multidisciplinary center that maintains the strength and excellence. 
.Maintain database for research the results of novel surgical treatment.
.Establish standardized clinical pathway for peri-operative patient care.
.Provide best treatment options for patients with obesity and metabolic syndromes.
.Facilitate follow up for patients around member-centers in different regions/continents.

.Adhere to standards in quality care
.Form a network of education and training for surgeons and medical staff
.Provide essential training programs for new surgeons embarking in bariatric and metabolic surgery

.Organize Biannual meetings for communication among the surgeons around the world.
.Organize quarterly web meeting among member-centers.

Publication and Research
.Facilitate research and scientific publication in the field of bariatric and metabolic surgery.